What are the new underwater drones of 2021?

With the advent of 2021, new innovations are already being announced for underwater drones. This is good news for water ROVs enthusiasts.

2 new underwater drones were announced for 2021: Genneino with its T1 Pro and Chasing with its M2 Pro.

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1. Geneinno T1 Pro:

Chinese company Geneinno has announced an updated version of the underwater drone T1.

If you’re using underwater drones as part of your professional activities, then you might be interested by The T1 Pro. For instance, you can use it for deep ocean exploration, underwater aquaculture, water quality monitoring as claimed by Geneinno. You can buy it for $2,999 for the version with 150 meters tether, and at $3,299 for the 200 meters tether.

Key features:

Compared to its older brother the T1, The Geneinno T1 Pro has the following updates:

  • Updated battery life of 8 hours
  • Max dive depth to 175m/ 574ft
  • Lateral thruster for 6 degrees of freedom movement, which gives better maneuverability
  • 12 MP 4 K camera, 160° Field of view, Electronic image stabilization. An additional camera module can be  placed on bottom of drone to observe bottom field
  • 9000 lumens LED
  • Sonar with 360°, can be equipped with third party sonar scanner
  • Water quality detector: Instant reading of water pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, water conductive
  • Laser scaler for measuring sea creatures or objects dimensions from a distance
  • Upgraded robotic arm with various claw kits

2. Chasing M2 Pro:

In response to its competitor Geneinno, Chasing Innovation have made a big update to its Chasing M2. The new Chasing M2 Pro, as its name indicates, is designed for professional applications. The highlights of this drone version is the number of accessories available, depending on how you intend to use. Let’s not forget that you can power it directly with AC power, so you can use it without worrying about its battery life .

You can acquire it for $4999 for the basic version. This is quite impressive considering the price tags of the European and North American professional ROVs, as well as the technology it comes equipped with.

Here is the linkOpens in a new tab. to the drone’s official website.

Key features:

According to Chasing in its introductory video, M2 Pro key features are the following:


  • Increased speed output: Stronger Power, 4 Knots Speed
  • Maximum Dive Depth 150 Meters (490 FT)
  • Unlimited Battery Life with AC Power Supply
  • 700Wh Battery, 5 Hours Battery Life
  • USBL (Ultra short baseline) Underwater Positioning system for underwater navigation
  • Multibeam Sonar Large area scanning imaging
  • 4K video recording and Electronic Image Stabilization, F1.8 Aperture
  • Improved modularity with more accessories and sensors

3. Chasing Gladius MINI S:


This is the new version of Gladius MINI released 3 years ago. Like its older brother, the Gladius MINI S is designed for leisure activities. Thanks to this improved version, you can operate the device for 4 hours time and enjoy 4K UHD videos with EIS (Electronic image stabilization).

You can buy the MINI SOpens in a new tab. at $1799, in the 100m tether package. You can also add multiple accessories to your toy depending on your use scenarios.


Key features:

  • Improved runtime of 4 hours
  • 4K UHD EIS cameras
  • Anti-stuck motor
  • Removable SD card
  • Maximum Dive Depth of 100 Meters (330 FT)
  • Accessories: Grabber claw, tether reels, backpack

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