Best sea scooters for kids

The opportunities made possible by technology are numerous. Take for example sea scooters: when you first think about them, you hardly see them as leisure devices, let alone as play toys for kids! Well, this has been the case for many years now. As a matter of fact, many underwater scooters were designed to be used exclusively by kids and others by adults and kids alike. Which brings us to the following question: what are the best sea scooters for kids? Here is the list of the best DPVs for children:

  • Aquarobotman MagicJet
  • Yamaha Seal
  • Yamaha Scout

Do you want to know more about these devices? You’re in the right place! Follow along and keep reading what is to come!

The things to know when purchasing a sea scooter for kids:

Many of the watersports devices seller often indicate if a sea scooter is designed for kids. However it is always good to know what makes a device suitable for children and not another.

Here are some important points to consider before you buy a sea scooter for your kid:

Positive buoyancy:

This is the ability of the scooter to keep on the water surface and to float up when released by the user. This is very important especially for kids. A sinking sea scooter can pose a threat to the younger users and makes it hard to retrieve. It is also important to know that an underwater scooter’s buoyancy depends on where you use it. Its behavior is not the same in fresh water as in salt water!

Flashy colors:

This is often overlooked but can be an important factor to consider. Sea scooters with visible colors will be more easily spotted especially in crowded sea water were boaters and Jet Ski riders are active. As a kid’s parent, flashy colors can make your supervision’s task easier whether in a pool or in the sea.

Ease of use and ergonomics:

Even if they say that nowadays kids are smarter than their parents, an easy to operate sea scooter is a must especially when used as a leisure buddy. It is true that most models are now very simple to use, this is however no excuse to forget to check that the device is ergonomic enough for you kid. For example, check that the control buttons are easily reachable and that the handles are conformable enough.


Most sea scooters for kids weigh approximately between 3 kg up to 6 kg (7 lbs to 13.2 lbs). It is up to you to choose the best option. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the only impact the device’s weight will have is during its transport to the diving spot. But once in the water, it won’t be an issue thanks to its buoyancy and to its thrust power.

Safety features:

Most underwater scooters possess at least some kind of safety features.

  • The propeller guard is maybe the most important one and the most overlooked. This is a protective grille intended to prevent any foreign body to get in contact with the propeller.
  • You can also find a feature very useful for the younger users: Auto shut off when trigger is released. Thanks to it, the risk of your child being separated from his or her scooter is minimized.

Take a look at this postOpens in a new tab. if you want to know more about safety issue and sea scooters!

Special precautions to take when your child is using an underwater scooter:

Before you allow your child to use his or her sea scooter, the first thing to do is to read carefully your user’s manual. In doing so, you’ll get to know how to operate the vehicle, how to care for it before and after use. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to operate it risk-free.

Here is a short list of the things to do when your child is using the DPV:

  • Never let your child dive unsupervised whether in a swimming pool or in the sea.
  • The sea scooter should be used by a single person at a time.
  • Some manufacturers strongly advise to wear a life vest while using the device
  • It is highly recommended to keep the child in waters where his feet can reach the bottom
  • Avoid loose hair or clothing while using the underwater scooter at the risk of having it tangled around the propeller

Aquarobotman MagicJet:

The MagicJet is manufactured by Aquarobotman. In our opinion, this sea scooter allies portability and surprisingly a powerful thrust. This is why it appears in both our selection of most portable DPVsOpens in a new tab. and is powerful enough for heavy usersOpens in a new tab.. Yet, the MagicJet can be used by kids! Thanks to its yellow and black colors, you can easily keep an eye on your child.
But how to operate it? Fortunately, this is no rocket science! Once fully assembled and the battery charged, just turn on the power toggle switch on the battery and keep pressing on the throttle trigger for propulsion. If you want to change the cruising speed, you can choose between 2 options via the speed control switch.

Main features:

  • Size: 385 x 360 x 182 mm (15.2″ x 14.2″ x 7.2″)
  • Weight: 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
  • Max Speed: 6.4 kmh (4 mph)
  • Thrust: 10 kg ( 22 lbs)
  • Battery life: 100 min
  • Battery energy:4 Wh
  • Battery charging time: 3 hours
  • Max Dive depth: 50 m (164 ft)
  • Buoyancy: positive buoyancy
  • Safety features: propeller guard, power toggle switch on the battery, auto shut-off when trigger released

Extra features:

The MagicJet has an LED indicator for battery life. It also offers you the possibility to mount an action camera on 3 different locations, depending on your filming angle!

Aquarobotman claims that the device it quiet enough to not frighten sea creatures while you pay them a visit. For parents who want their kids to have fun with less noise, this is definitely a plus.

Additionaly, your kids will not get easily bored with the MagicJet as it offers multiple ways to be operated. They can use it:

  • with a single hand to have more freedom,
  • with two hands on the handle for more stability
  • with 2 units combined together for better performance


You can choose between 7 bundles. The base package starts at $699 and includes the sea scooter, a battery and its charger.

Pros & Cons:

  • Multiple safety features
  • Very visible
  • Very powerful capabilities
  • Modularity
  • A little heavy for younger users
  • Long battery charging time

Yamaha Seal:

The Yamaha Seal comes remarkably at a very low price of around $295. This is unexpected considering that Yamaha (whether sea scooters or motorcycles) is not famous for its affordable prices. But when you dig deeper, the price is easily understandable. As a matter of fact, the Seal is primarily intended for kids above 8, so most buyers won’t be very demanding in terms of capabilities. The device is made of red and white plastic and offers humble performances and while being equipped with a lead acid battery.

However, the device’s portability plays in its favor: it weighs 5.4 kg/ 12 lbs and comes with a size of 285 x 283 x 483mm.

The device is very simple to use: just turn the safety lock on, and push on both hand triggers to propel yourself underwater. No other unnecessary button needed to operate your sea scooter!

Overall, the Yamaha Seal has enough power for its target users: kids. And for the price offered, this is a good value for money!

Main features:

  • Size: 285 x 283 x 483 mm (11.25″x 11.25″ x 19″)
  • Weight: 5.4 kg (12 lbs)
  • Max Speed: 3.2 kmh (2 mph)
  • Battery life: 90 min
  • Battery energy: 90 Wh
  • Battery charging time: 10-12 hours
  • Max Dive depth: 5m/15ft
  • Buoyancy: positive buoyancy
  • Safety features: Safety switch, propeller guard, auto shut-off when trigger released

Extra features:

The Yamaha Seal comes in a red and white color combination. Additionaly, it has an action camera mount.

As mentioned before, the device has a lead acid battery. Be careful when traveling by plane, as some companies can refuse such batteries to be transported as cabin luggage.


The Yamaha Seal comes at $295. At this price, the box contains the scooter, a battery, a charger, a set of O-ring seals and a silicone grease. It is covered with a 6-months warranty.

Pros & Cons:

  • A good value for money
  • Very easy to operate
  • Very long battery charging time
  • Lead acid battery: might be problematic with certain airlines

Yamaha Scout:

The Scout is another model of sea scooters designed for kids weighing up to 45.4kg /100 lbs. It comes in a unique flashy green and white color combination. It is priced at an even lower price than the Yamaha Seal: $149.99!

The device has a size similar to the Seal, but weighs even less: only 3.4kg/ 7.5 lbs, which makes it great as a travel companion for kids.

In order to use it, just turn the master switch on, and push the single trigger for propulsion. To stop it, just release the trigger.

Main features:

  • Size: 265.5 x 265.5 x 338mm (10.5”x10.5”x13.3″)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
  • Max Speed: 1.6 kmh (1 mph)
  • Battery life: 60 min
  • Battery energy: 12V / 4.5 A
  • Battery charging time: 10-12 hours
  • Max Dive depth: 3m/ 10 ft
  • Buoyancy: positive buoyancy
  • Safety features: master switch lock down, auto shut-off when trigger released


The Yamaha Seal comes at $149.99. The box contains the scooter, a battery and charger and has a 6-months warranty.

Pros & Cons:

  • Very affordable price
  • Very simple to use
  • Long battery charging time
  • Lead acid battery: might be problematic with certain airlines

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