10 good reasons to get an underwater drone

Buying new products comes often as a frustrating decision to make. As a result, it can be quite perplexing working out if it’s the right purchase for you.

No worries we’re here to help you make up your mind. For this purpose, we’ve compiled 10 good reasons to buy an underwater drone.

Capture incredible footage

Without a doubt, one of the biggest thrills for underwater drone enthusiasts is the fact that they can take impressive underwater footage and photographs. Indeed, they can take pictures of water life and underwater landscape without having to dive into the water. 

Think about the field of possibilities offered by an underwater drone: imagine the unique footage of a frenzied feeding school of fish by night during the cold winter months! Wouldn’t it be awesome to reach the kind of places where you’d need advanced expensive equipment and training to be able to film in? 

This is the next new trend

Some people will want to get an underwater drone because it is simply the hot new hype. It’s like owning a computer in the late 80’s, put aside that underwater drones are much more useful and fun to play with than general public computers were during those years.

Being an early adopter when it came to computers at that time was cool, the same thing is valid for owning an underwater drone now. And while it is true that there were not a ton of underwater ROVs sold in 2020, the market for underwater drones is expected to hit a value of around 2 billion USD by the end of 2026!

This being said, the market for underwater ROVs is still in its early phases, and has it’s best days still ahead. So if you want to be one of the early adopters of the technology, now is the time to hop on board.

You can use it to do some reckon and exploration



If as a kid, you’ve always been fascinated by underwater exploration documentaries and maybe even wanted to become one, then there’s still hope. Technology can make this happen in the 20th century! As a matter of fact, with an underwater drone, you’ll be able to do some reconnaissance whether in the city’s park’s lake or even in the open ocean for the most adventurous ones of us. Many underwater drones can reach depths of more than 50 meters. You can even explore seabeds at night, many ROVs are equipped with powerful Led light allowing you to film the mysterious depths. But that’s not all, some have more advanced features like a robotic arm for those of you who want to feed the fish or grab a treasure chest after a session of underwater treasure hunt!

Underwater drones are fun!

Unlike us creatures of blood and bone, underwater drones are only limited by the boundaries of their technology, mainly by the depth/range of dives and battery lifetime. Imagine the unequaled fun of staying immersed underwater for dozens of minutes uninterrupted on a single battery charge and watching the sea creatures. Some drones came equipped with robotic arms giving you the possibility to interact with the underwater environment!

Stand out on social media

We have to admit that a great deal of videos and photos on social media are pretty boring these days simply because of the enormous quantities of it, so it can be difficult to make your own shots stand out. With the underwater capabilities of an underwater drone, you’ll have no difficulties in making your photos take the heart of the internet!

They’re becoming more affordable

Underwater drones prices can be as low as around $500 to as expensive as around $4500 for the most pricey ones. But the less expensive ones are becoming constantly cheaper and with better technology.

For example, even the most basic Chasing Dory comes equipped with a 1080p camera, a 60 min battery life, a 250 lumen headlights and can reach depths of -15m . That’s awesome considering that this is a $500 underwater drone and the fact that market is still in its infancy! By the way, you might want to check out our post about underwater ROVs price hereOpens in a new tab..

Eventually, as the market reaches a larger audience and as the technology gets better, we’ll certainly be seeing more affordable underwater drones with better technology in the next few years.

They’re easy to use

Underwater drones, like their airborne cousins, are piloted using a joystick, whether a physical one or one on your smartphone. It’s true that you’ll need some time sharpening your steering skills, but if flying drones or playing flight simulation video games you’re going to be quickly operational when using an underwater drone.

Moreover, compared to airborne drones, with underwater ROVs you won’t be subject to the same type of difficulties. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to worry about smashing your drone against trees power lines, making the use of underwater ROVs an easier task!

You can make money with your underwater drone



It’s rare that a hobby can pay for itself, but underwater drones present many profitable opportunities, and just to cite a few:

  • Industrial installations inspection
  • Fish farms inspection
  • Yacht and sailboat inspection: if you’re into sailing and are already part of a community, you can easily offer your services to your fellow sailors.
  • Underwater videography: if you’re a fishing guide and want to stand out from the lot, an underwater ROV will certainly add value for your clients during their fishing sessions. You can use it to film their feats from and underwater angle, and they will definitely love it!
  • Commercial photography: an underwater drone as a new additional toy to your gear could give you an edge over your competitors and offer you new possibilities for your creative ideas

The list above is in no way an extensive one. While these opportunities do easily come in mind in 2020, god knows what other possiblities will be available in the next few years!

The ideal fishing buddy



As an amateur fisherman myself, I’ve always been wondering what is happening down there where I’ve dropped my baited hook and what if the fish is present. Well, underwater drones for fishingOpens in a new tab. might be what you need!

Just to cite a few possiblities, here is what you can do with an underwater ROV as anglers:

  • Exploring new fishing spots especially when the water is not suited for diving and doing the inspection yourself
  • Using it to retrieve tangled fishing lines in rocks or branches if your drone is equipped with a robotic arm
  • When fishing for crab or lobster you can use your ROV to take a quick look at your traps without having to retrieve a heavy load each time to find out that with the bait untouched

Educational purposes

If you’re a teacher you certainly know the importance of delivering interactive and interesting lessons to your students. This is especially important because the attention span of the younger generation is shorter and shorter. Fortunately, digital tools are here to help educators carry out their task. Underwater drones can be used during educational field trips. For example, they can be valuable in aquatic environment whether showing underwater infrastructure or water life forms!

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